Recent Publications

Zeno: An Interactive Framework for Behavioral Evaluation of Machine Learning

Ángel Alexander Cabrera , Erica Fu , Donald Bertucci , Kenneth Holstein , Ameet Talwalkar , Jason I. Hong , Adam Perer , CHI 2023

Ignore, Trust, or Negotiate: Understanding Clinician Acceptance of AI-Based Treatment Recommendations in Health Care

Venkat Sivaraman , Leigh A. Bukowski , Joel Levin , Jeremy M. Kahn , Adam Perer , CHI 2023

Evaluating the Impact of Human Explanation Strategies on Human-AI Visual Decision-Making

Katelyn Morrison , Donghoon Shin , Kenneth Holstein , Adam Perer , CSCW 2023

Improving Human-AI Collaboration with Descriptions of AI Behavior

Ángel Alexander Cabrera , Adam Perer , Jason I. Hong , CSCW 2023

Leveraging Analysis History for Improved In Situ Visualization Recommendation

Will Epperson , Doris Jung-Lin Lee , Leijie Wang , Kunal Agarwal , Aditya Parameswaran , Dominik Moritz , Adam Perer , EuroVis 2022

What Did My AI Learn? How Data Scientists Make Sense of Model Behavior

Ángel Alexander Cabrera , Marco Tulio Ribeiro , Bongshin Lee , Robert DeLine , Adam Perer , Steven M. Drucker , TOCHI 2022

Improving Human-AI Partnerships in Child Welfare: Understanding Worker Practices, Challenges, and Desires for Algorithmic Decision Support

Anna Kawakami , Venkat Sivaraman , Hao-Fei Cheng , Logan Stapleton , Yanghuidi Cheng , Diana Qing , Adam Perer , Zhiwei Steven Wu , Haiyi Zhu , Kenneth Holstein , CHI 2022

How Child Welfare Workers Reduce Racial Disparities in Algorithmic Decisions

Hao-Fei Cheng , Logan Stapleton , Anna Kawakami , Venkat Sivaraman , Yanghuidi Cheng , Diana Qing , Adam Perer , Kenneth Holstein , Zhiwei Steven Wu , Haiyi Zhu , CHI 2022

"Why Do I Care What's Similar?" Probing Challenges in AI-Assisted Child Welfare Decision-Making through Worker-AI Interface Design Concepts

Anna Kawakami , Venkat Sivaraman , Logan Stapleton , Hao-Fei Cheng , Adam Perer , Zhiwei Steven Wu , Haiyi Zhu , Kenneth Holstein , DIS 2022

TextEssence: A Tool for Interactive Analysis of Semantic Shifts Between Corpora

Denis Newman-Griffis , Venkat Sivaraman , Adam Perer , Eric Fosler-Lussier , Harry Hochheiser , NAACL 2021

Characterizing Human Explanation Strategies to Inform the Design of Explainable AI for Building Damage Assessment

Donghoon Shin , Sachin Grover , Kenneth Holstein , Adam Perer , AI for HADR at NeurIPS 2021

Discovering and Validating AI Errors With Crowdsourced Failure Reports

Ángel Alexander Cabrera , Abraham Druck , Jason I. Hong , Adam Perer , CSCW 2021

Regularizing Black-box Models for Improved Interpretability

Gregory Plumb , Mauran Al-Shedivat , Ángel Alexander Cabrera , Adam Perer , Eric Xing , Ameet Talwalkar , NeurIPS 2020

Designing Alternative Representations of Confusion Matrices to Support Non-Expert Public Understanding of Algorithm Performance

Hong Shen , Haojian Jin , Ángel Alexander Cabrera , Adam Perer , Haiyi Zhu , Jason I. Hong , CSCW 2020

Getting Playful with Explainable AI: Games with a Purpose to Improve Human Understanding of AI

Laura Beth Fulton , Ja Young Lee , Qian Wang , Zhendong Yuan , Jessica Hammer , Adam Perer , CHI 2020

Confronting data sparsity to identify potential sources of Zika virus spillover infection among primates

Barbara Han , Subhabrata Majumdar , Flavio Calmon , Benjamin Glicksberg , Raya Horesh , Abhishek Kumar , Adam Perer , Elisa von Marschall , Dennis Wei , Aleksandra Mojsilović , Kush Varshney , Epidemics 2019

SearchLens: Composing and Capturing Complex User Interests for Exploratory Search

Joseph Chee Chang , Nathan Hahn , Adam Perer , Aniket Kittur , IUI 2019

Ablate, Variate, and Contemplate: Visual Analytics for Discovering Neural Architectures

Dylan Cashman , Adam Perer , Remco Chang , Hendrik Strobelt , VAST 2019

MAST: A Tool for Visualizing CNN Model Architecture Searches

Dylan Cashman , Adam Perer , Hendrik Strobelt , Debugging Machine Learning Models at ICLR 2019

The Human User in Progressive Visual Analytics

Luana Micallef , Hans-Jorg Schulz , Marco Angelini , Michael Aupetit , Remco Chang , Jorn Kohlhammer , Adam Perer , Giuseppe Santucci , EuroVis 2019

Seq2Seq-VIS : A Visual Debugging Tool for Sequence-to-Sequence Models

Hendrik Strobelt , Sebastian Gehrmann , Michael Behrisch , Adam Perer , Hanspeter Pfister , Alexander Rush , VAST 2018

Coping with Volume and Variety in Temporal Event Sequences: Strategies for Sharpening Analytic Focus

Fan Du , Ben Shneiderman , Catherine Plaisant , Sana Malik , Adam Perer , IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2017

Clustervision: Visual Supervision of Unsupervised Clustering

Bum Chul Kwon , Ben Eysenbach , Janu Verma , Kenney Ng , Christopher deFilippi , Walter Stewart , Adam Perer , VAST 2017

Mining and exploring care pathways from electronic medical records with visual analytics

Adam Perer , Fei Wang , Jianying Hu , Journal of Biomedical Informatics 2015

Data Driven Analytics for Personalized Healthcare

Jianying Hu , Adam Perer , Fei Wang , Healthcare Information Management Systems, Cases Strategies, and Solutions 2015

Supporting Iterative Cohort Construction with Visual Temporal Queries

Josua Krause , Adam Perer , Harry Stavropoulos , VAST 2015

Predicting changes in hypertension control using electronic health records from a chronic disease management program

Jimeng Sun , Candace McNaughton , Ping Zhang , Adam Perer , Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis , Joshua Denny , Jacqueline Kirby , Thomas Lasko , Alexander Saip , Bradley Malin , Journal of American Medical Informatics Association 2014

Iterative cohort analysis and exploration

Zhiyuan Zhang , David Gotz , Adam Perer , Information Visualization 2014

The Longitudinal Use of SaNDVis: Visual Social Network Analytics in the Enterprise

Adam Perer , Ido Guy , Erel Uziel , Inbal Ronen , Michal Jacovi , IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2013

Data-Driven Exploration of Care Plans for Patients

Adam Perer , David Gotz , CHI 2013

MatrixFlow: Temporal Network Visual Analytics to Track Symptom Evolution during Disease Progression

Adam Perer , Jimeng Sun , American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium 2012

Diversity among Enterprise Online Communities: Collaborating, Teaming, and Innovating through Social Media

Michael Muller , Kate Ehrlich , Tara Matthews , Adam Perer , Inbal Ronen , Ido Guy , ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2012

Do You Want to Know? Recommending Strangers in the Enterprise

Ido Guy , Sigalit Ur , Inbal Ronen , Adam Perer , Michal Jacovi , ACM Conference of Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2011

Visual Social Network Analytics for Relationship Discovery in the Enterprise

Adam Perer , Ido Guy , Erel Uziel , Inbal Ronen , Michal Jacovi , VAST 2011

Guess Who? Enriching the Social Graph through a Crowdsourcing Game

Ido Guy , Adam Perer , Tal Daniel , Ohad Greenshpan , Itai Turbahn , ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2011

Integrating Querying and Browsing in Partial Graph Visualizations

Adam Perer , Frank van Ham , IBM Technical Report 2011

Digital Traces of Interest: Deriving Interest Relationships from Social Media Interactions

Michal Jacovi , Ido Guy , Adam Perer , Inbal Ronen , Erel Uziel , Michael Maslenko , European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work 2011

Same Places, Same Things, Same People? Mining User Similarity on Social Media

Ido Guy , Michal Jacovi , Adam Perer , Inbal Ronen , Erel Uziel , ACM Conference of Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2010

Integrating Statistics and Visualization for Exploratory Power: From Long-Term Case Studies to Design Guidelines

Adam Perer , Ben Shneiderman , IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 2009

Analyzing (Social Media) Networks with NodeXL

Marc A. Smith , Ben Shneiderman , Natasha Milic-Frayling , Eduarda Rodrigues , Vladimir Barash , Cody Dunne , Tony Capone , Adam Perer , Eric Gleave , International Conference on Communities and Technologies 2009

Systematic Yet Flexible Discovery: Guiding Domain Experts Through Exploratory Data Analysis

Adam Perer , Ben Shneiderman , International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces 2008

Integrating Statistics and Visualization: Case Studies of Gaining Clarity During Exploratory Data Analysis

Adam Perer , Ben Shneiderman , ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2008

Balancing Systematic and Flexible Exploration of Social Networks

Adam Perer , Ben Shneiderman , IEEE InfoVis 2006

Using rhythms of relationships to understand e-mail archives

Adam Perer , Ben Shneiderman , Douglas Oard , Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 2006

Contrasting portraits of email practices: visual approaches to reflection and analysis

Adam Perer , Marc A. Smith , International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces 2006