I characterize my research as Human-Centered Data Science where I combine techniques from statistics, machine learning, and interactive data visualization to empower data scientists throughout their analytical workflow.

My current research focuses around several themes:

1. Designing tools for Interactive and Visual Data Science
2. Providing insights with Interpretable Machine Learning
3. Innovating data science techniques for Data-Driven Healthcare

Adam Perer is an Assistant Research Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, where he is a member of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and he co-leads the Data Interaction Group. His research integrates data visualization and machine learning techniques to create visual interactive systems to help users make sense out of big data. Lately, his research focuses on human-centered data science and extracting insights from clinical data to support data-driven medicine. This work has been published at premier venues in visualization, human-computer interaction, and medical informatics. He was previously a Research Scientist at IBM Research. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Selected Publications

Regularizing Black-box Models for Improved Interpretability

Gregory Plumb , Mauran Al-Shedivat , Alex Cabrera , Adam Perer , Eric Xing , Ameet Talwalkar , NeurIPS 2020

Designing Alternative Representations of Confusion Matrices to Support Non-Expert Public Understanding of Algorithm Performance

Hong Shen , Haojian Jin , Alex Cabrera , Adam Perer , Haiyi Zhu , Jason Hong , CSCW 2020

Getting Playful with Explainable AI: Games with a Purpose to Improve Human Understanding of AI

Laura Beth Fulton , Ja Young Lee , Qian Wang , Zhendong Yuan , Jessica Hammer , Adam Perer , CHI 2020

Confronting data sparsity to identify potential sources of Zika virus spillover infection among primates

Barbara Han , Subhabrata Majumdar , Flavio Calmon , Benjamin Glicksberg , Raya Horesh , Abhishek Kumar , Adam Perer , Elisa von Marschall , Dennis Wei , Aleksandra Mojsilović , Kush Varshney , Epidemics 2019

SearchLens: Composing and Capturing Complex User Interests for Exploratory Search

Joseph Chee Chang , Nathan Hahn , Adam Perer , Aniket Kittur , IUI 2019

Ablate, Variate, and Contemplate: Visual Analytics for Discovering Neural Architectures

Dylan Cashman , Adam Perer , Remco Chang , Hendrik Strobelt , VAST 2019

MAST: A Tool for Visualizing CNN Model Architecture Searches

Dylan Cashman , Adam Perer , Hendrik Strobelt , Debugging Machine Learning Models at ICLR 2019

The Human User in Progressive Visual Analytics

Luana Micallef , Hans-Jorg Schulz , Marco Angelini , Michael Aupetit , Remco Chang , Jorn Kohlhammer , Adam Perer , Giuseppe Santucci , EuroVis 2019

Seq2Seq-VIS : A Visual Debugging Tool for Sequence-to-Sequence Models

Hendrik Strobelt , Sebastian Gehrmann , Michael Behrisch , Adam Perer , Hanspeter Pfister , Alexander Rush , VAST 2018

Clustervision: Visual Supervision of Unsupervised Clustering

Bum Chul Kwon , Ben Eysenbach , Janu Verma , Kenney Ng , Christopher deFilippi , Walter Stewart , Adam Perer , VAST 2017

Mining and exploring care pathways from electronic medical records with visual analytics

Adam Perer , Fei Wang , Jianying Hu , Journal of Biomedical Informatics 2015

Data Driven Analytics for Personalized Healthcare

Jianying Hu , Adam Perer , Fei Wang , Healthcare Information Management Systems, Cases Strategies, and Solutions 2015

Supporting Iterative Cohort Construction with Visual Temporal Queries

Josua Krause , Adam Perer , Harry Stavropoulos , VAST 2015

Predicting changes in hypertension control using electronic health records from a chronic disease management program

Jimeng Sun , Candace McNaughton , Ping Zhang , Adam Perer , Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis , Joshua Denny , Jacqueline Kirby , Thomas Lasko , Alexander Saip , Bradley Malin , Journal of American Medical Informatics Association 2014

Iterative cohort analysis and exploration

Zhiyuan Zhang , David Gotz , Adam Perer , Information Visualization 2014

The Longitudinal Use of SaNDVis: Visual Social Network Analytics in the Enterprise

Adam Perer , Ido Guy , Erel Uziel , Inbal Ronen , Michal Jacovi , IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2013

Data-Driven Exploration of Care Plans for Patients

Adam Perer , David Gotz , CHI 2013

MatrixFlow: Temporal Network Visual Analytics to Track Symptom Evolution during Disease Progression

Adam Perer , Jimeng Sun , American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium 2012

Diversity among Enterprise Online Communities: Collaborating, Teaming, and Innovating through Social Media

Michael Muller , Kate Ehrlich , Tara Matthews , Adam Perer , Inbal Ronen , Ido Guy , ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2012

Do You Want to Know? Recommending Strangers in the Enterprise

Ido Guy , Sigalit Ur , Inbal Ronen , Adam Perer , Michal Jacovi , ACM Conference of Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2011

Visual Social Network Analytics for Relationship Discovery in the Enterprise

Adam Perer , Ido Guy , Erel Uziel , Inbal Ronen , Michal Jacovi , VAST 2011

Guess Who? Enriching the Social Graph through a Crowdsourcing Game

Ido Guy , Adam Perer , Tal Daniel , Ohad Greenshpan , Itai Turbahn , ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2011

Integrating Querying and Browsing in Partial Graph Visualizations

Adam Perer , Frank van Ham , IBM Technical Report 2011

Digital Traces of Interest: Deriving Interest Relationships from Social Media Interactions

Michal Jacovi , Ido Guy , Adam Perer , Inbal Ronen , Erel Uziel , Michael Maslenko , European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work 2011

Same Places, Same Things, Same People? Mining User Similarity on Social Media

Ido Guy , Michal Jacovi , Adam Perer , Inbal Ronen , Erel Uziel , ACM Conference of Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2010

Integrating Statistics and Visualization for Exploratory Power: From Long-Term Case Studies to Design Guidelines

Adam Perer , Ben Shneiderman , IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 2009

Analyzing (Social Media) Networks with NodeXL

Marc A. Smith , Ben Shneiderman , Natasha Milic-Frayling , Eduarda Rodrigues , Vladimir Barash , Cody Dunne , Tony Capone , Adam Perer , Eric Gleave , International Conference on Communities and Technologies 2009

Systematic Yet Flexible Discovery: Guiding Domain Experts Through Exploratory Data Analysis

Adam Perer , Ben Shneiderman , International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces 2008

Integrating Statistics and Visualization: Case Studies of Gaining Clarity During Exploratory Data Analysis

Adam Perer , Ben Shneiderman , ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2008

Balancing Systematic and Flexible Exploration of Social Networks

Adam Perer , Ben Shneiderman , IEEE InfoVis 2006

Using rhythms of relationships to understand e-mail archives

Adam Perer , Ben Shneiderman , Douglas Oard , Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 2006

Contrasting portraits of email practices: visual approaches to reflection and analysis

Adam Perer , Marc A. Smith , International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces 2006

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